DIY Snap Bracelets

It’s our last week of summer break and although we are trying to stuff in as much summer as time allows, the girls and I found some time yesterday afternoon for creating a couple back to school accessories – snap bracelets! They are so easy to create and so much fun to wear!

I pulled out the Willy & Friends stamp set from Waffle Flower Crafts along with a few other supplies – fabric ink, sharpie markers, treats and strips of canvas fabric cut to 1 1/2″ x 12″. Since the fabric is cut fairly small, we also stuck with the smaller images from this stamp set. I couldn’t wait to finally stamp those cute bananas and the pineapple.

Next we color. But before that, you’ll want to heat set the fabric ink with a hot iron to keep the color from bleeding when you do color. I hear there are a lot of great fabric markers out there, but sharpies worked just fine for us and are also permanent.

Coloring the background is a bit time consuming but I found it was easiest to draw a border around each image, coloring and then coming back to fill in the detailed areas.

When you are all finishing with the coloring, you’ll want to cut fabric strips for the back side in the same dimensions as the bracelet fronts.

Face the fabric front with the back and stitch together. Clip the corners and then turn right side out. To make the snap bracelet part, slip in an old, boring snap bracelet or a length of metal from an old tape measure. I was so excited to discover that is actually what is inside snap bracelets! What a great re-purpose.

Once the tape is inserted, stitch the end close.

Slap, snap and enjoy!


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