Valentine’s Card Sketch #2

Hello! Back again with Valentine card sketch #2. It’s another quick and simple one but has layers so it can still appear that you spent lots of time. (Find Sketch #1 here)


This one is sure to give you plenty of mileage as the center band can be thinned or widened and moved up and down the page for a different look.

This one follows the sketch pretty closely and I even managed to add in a little stamping as well.

This version widens the band and has some fun, random colors mixed in. And I’m just gonna throw this out there too – I really miss the fabulous heavy-weight quality of Crate Papers in their pre-American Crafts days. The designs are still so fab of course but it seems like they just keep getting thinner and thinner with each release. 😦 Does any other company have thick paper? Maybe that’s why I’ve switched over to cardstock and stamping!

And here’s the final card, with the layers shifted around a bit and hey! some more stamping too!

So that’s 6 cards all ready for the big love day. Hope you find these sketches useful and if you make something using one, I’d love to see! Leave a link in the comments.

Enjoy the weekend!


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