Quick & Easy Valentine’s

Hi! Hope you are well and staying warm. I was busy over the weekend making some Valentine’s cards – 6 of them in fact , which is a lot of cards for this super-slow crafter. The truth is, I love adding lots of layers and stamping and getting caught up in all the little details. Sometimes it can take 2+ hours for just one card. Now isn’t that silly? But since it’s my main creative outlet these days, I really relish that time and would rather not rush through it.

These cards took about 2 hours to make total which is probably a record! I pulled out some old Crate Paper lines and used a couple sketches I had drawn up. I normally like to mix and match from different companies but just sticking to one made it so much faster. So did selecting the embellishments and working from top to bottom layer instead of vice versa. Surely I am the last one to figure that out, but it was a great aha! moment. 

I’ll split these cards out into a couple posts throughout the week so there will be content here all week  so I can share the sketches and details with you.

See you soon,


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