Well Wishes + 4 Month Photos

Happy Monday! Dropping in tonight to share a card for the new challenge over at the Pink by Design blog  –  In The Garden. Liz and I are gearing you up for spring by sharing projects all week with birds, bees, butterflies, flowers and the like.

I made this with Saint Pat’s in mind and the Vintage Greeting and Canvas Background stamp sets. The little clover flowers are made with hearts.


I also wanted to share some 4 month photos of my baby boy!

Oh he is just so sweet!! Still a very happy boy, even though he’s been working on a tooth like crazy. Drool machine. He has taken a serious interest in toys and grabs at everything like comes within a close distant. It’s amazing how much more eye hand coordination little boys have.

At 12 weeks exactly, he started sleeping through the night. Not every night, but most nights and it has been glorious. Up to this point he’s slept in our bed but has now transitioned into his crib.

Not a big fan of dad at this point. He can only hold him for a minute or 2 before the waterworks start. If I am holding him or he can see me, he’s okay but otherwise no thanks. A mama’s boy for sure.

Still likes to coo and jabber a lot. Especially to his bro and sisters. He tries his hardest to get their attention if they are not giving it to him.

Weighs 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. His little chubby legs are so short and his torso is very long (built like his grandpa and great-grandpa) so we have a little trouble with clothes fitting. Still loves to nurse and has tried a few foods as well – oatmeal cereal, watermelon, avocado – which were well received.

He has rolled both ways but only a handful of times. He can also skootch around a bit on his tummy and rotate 180 degrees. Mostly  I he prefers to be held and snuggled and that’s okay with me 🙂

It’s all went by so very fast and is so exciting to see him growing and discovering and being happy.


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