Gorgeous Fall – Mix’d Media CHOX

Good morning! Today starts the day of a 3 day hop showing off a brand new product from Clearsnap – Mix’d Media Chox inks. There are 8 colors in this product release: Driftwood, Sparrow, Butternut, Petals, Sage, Bluejay, Pomegranate, and Midnight. And just like the Mix’d Media Inx, the containers have a flexible base (for a comfy grip) and a clear lid with a lip that lets you stack the pads.

These new CHOX are fast drying, have LOADS of vibrant color, are great for stamping, edge distressing, coloring, and can be used in layers for blending colors. To give you an idea of how much pigment is in these inks, you can actually mix the re-inkers with a matte acrylic medium to use instead of or with acrylic paint!

I created a card with lots of ink layers. I love that the CHOX dry so fast you can stamp over and over again without worrying about contaminating your ink pads with another color but they are still blendable and work great with water. 

Had originally went for that grungy/mix’d media look that these inks were inspired by – but alas, it’s just not me. Does that ever happen to you? It’s definitely a style I appreciate and admire but I just can’t make it look right. 

Thank goodness for die cutting. I turned a leafy scene and my stamp-off scrap paper into something that I can work with. The grunginess is contained and I’ve still got my safe, clean design. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by – see more projects using this new product (and the chance to win it) on the Clearsnap Blog. 

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