38 Weeks & Counting Down

38 weeks down, 2 or less to go. Hopefully less.

I must say that I’ve felt pretty amazing all through this pregnancy. Full of energy, inspired and productive. A little irritable, but otherwise pretty stable emotions. None of the non-stop crying and mood swings experienced with my daughter. It kinda of gives me the feeling that this is going to be one amazing kid. At least we’re hoping.

But, I am ready to be done. None of my maternity clothes fit; my tummy hangs out the bottom. Its nearly impossible to sit/stand/lay down comfortably. And I am so stinking hot all the time. Sorry I hate being a  complainer but just had to get that off my chest.

See you soon little babe, can’t wait to meet you!


5 thoughts on “38 Weeks & Counting Down

  1. I know you feel crappy, but you look great to me. I know EXACTLY how you are feeling though… I did it twice… and felt that way at the same point you are at! I was miserable! It will be over sooner than you think! Take care!

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