The Strawberry Muffin Blouse + Free Pattern

Hooray!! I have a new free pattern for you today, modeled by the lovely Miss Leah!

So I really wanted to call this pattern the Strawberry Muffin Top. It kind of makes me giggle. But my husband, who is about as crass as they come, thought it was mean and that no one would want to make their little girl a muffin top. So I changed the top to blouse. Was he right?

The empire waist with the more narrow lining kind of reminds me of the way a muffin puffs over the top of the pan. And the colors are very reminiscent of a strawberry. A Strawberry Muffin. Top, blouse – hey even a dress if you lengthen the lower panel 🙂

The extra details on the bodice make this top extra special. What little lady doesn’t get excited about a couple of ruffles and jumbo buttons?! None that I know!

The back has a pretty keyhole detail as well. And I love that no zipper or button panel are required.

The shoulders are quite simple to keep the focus on the other details, but add a nice pop of color in a contrasting fabric. Very fun to sew and I think she likes it too 🙂

Download the free pattern here in size 4/5T.
(And if you enjoy and appreciate the free-ness of this pattern, I would love if you’d consider becoming a follower of this blog – pretty please with cream and sugar on top?)

And view the video tutorial below.

Hugs and love, Sabrina

5 thoughts on “The Strawberry Muffin Blouse + Free Pattern

  1. That is such a cute top. I have not been sewing much lately but your great tips over at Sew Mamma and this cute shirt may convince me to take the time.

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