Star Spangled Apron Top

Hi there, how was your 4th? We visited family, went to a fireworks show and did a lot of lounging around yesterday. It seems like we’ve been doing a lot of that this week – just hanging out and playing, trying to keep my little gal entertained while her siblings are on vacation.

Other than kiddie crafts and going to the beach, I did steal a few minutes to make Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom’s Fitted Apron Top that was shared on Prudent Baby last week. Such an adorable summer design! I added a belt around the center so there would be 2 ties in the back.

But unfortunately did not make the bodice quite wide enough to cover more of her back. It should be okay with a swimsuit top underneath though. What do you think?

She has worn in several times now and tells everyone who gives her a compliment “thanks, my mom made it for me” with such pride. Makes it worth all the effort! Hoping the charm of mama-made clothing lasts a long time 🙂

We are off for a swim, have a great day ♥


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