Candy Confection Birthday Dress + Bodice Pattern

Hello, hello! I am so happy to say that after 2 months, I finally have photos and a bodice pattern for Miss Leah’s 5th birthday dress! The dress top is such a great shape for spring (a little late now, eeep!), the skirt looks like a jumbo sized stick of cotton candy and the pale pink makes it oh so girly – and perfect for this girly girl.

Ooh the layers of ruffles! I never get tired of them. The top 2 tiers are chiffon, the middle 3 are lace and the bottom layers are made of poly/satin. The different textures add so much interest, don’t you think? The skirt is the width of the fabric – so no cutting or measuring required – and then gathered at the top to fit her waist.

 (In case you noticed, nail painting is never a good idea while wearing a fancy dress – we got a bright pink stain right in the front within 10 minutes of the party starting! Oops!)

This is also the first top I’ve ever finished with (functional) buttons and wow, is it easier than expected – and inserting a zipper. Normally I always use a pattern for the bodice but since ours are all size 4 and under, this time I had to create my own. Also much easier than expected and insured a *perfect* fit.

You can download the bodice pattern right here.

The sleeves are just a sweet and simple ruffle – a tapered length of fabric gathered all around. Since the are so small, I was able to tuck them into the lining to hide the seam completely! Hooray!

And this little lady was very happy with her dress. If only we had birthdays every week. 🙂

Have a beautiful day!


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