Last Day of Pre-K

Oh my. Tuesday these 2 cuties finished up their last day of preschool. It’s crazy to look back on this post to see how much they have grown and learned since the beginning of the school year. Keegan pretty much looks the same, maybe a few inches taller but Leah looks so little compared to now! She has really grown up, in so many ways.

We sent the kids with thank you flowers for the teachers plus cards, carmels and chocolate ( I don’t really know what a good teacher gift is, so hopefully this was?). They spent the whole day playing outside instead of the usual centers and work and although there wasn’t a graduation ceremony or going away banquet, they did come home from school with a giant bag of M&M’s each. That seemed to be parting gift enough for them 🙂

To quickly make the thank you cards before school yesterday, I used CPS265 which I was glad to find was the perfect easy to put together design. The stamps are Papertrey Ink – Rosie Posie and Pink by Design – My Type. Oh and those ink colors you see there? They are a few of the brand new, just released premium dye ink colors from Clearsnap – Nautical, Party Pink, Jalapeno and Kettle. Vibrant and gorgeous!!

And that’s all for today. Let summer break begin!


3 thoughts on “Last Day of Pre-K

  1. Your babies are darling! My little Sam had his last day of pre-k on Friday and starts all day kindergarten in the fall. They grow up way too fast don't they?Love, love, love the card you made for their teacher. The vibrant hexagons pop wonderfully against the Kraft.

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