…And She’s All Mine

My sweet and lovely 4 year old. I could just smoosh her tiny face in these photos. Such a little doll and at other times a temper-throwing terror. Gaining so much independence but still prefers to hold her mama’s hand. I can hardly believe she’ll be going off to preschool in just a few short months.

For this layout with pics from her birthday, I had the idea swirling around in my head for months to use numbers and facts instead of regular journaling and finally was able to put it down on paper at a crop last month. (It was the only project I finished in 13 hours!)

My memory is truly terrible and I’ll never remember these small facts about her in the future. Even though they are not really significant facts, it’s still a fun glimpse at this moment.

I just love arranging all the little bits and embellishments “just so” and this was the first time I’d actually fully used up a kit from a year’s subscription to Studio Calico. Seriously all but scraps of the paper, a few embellies and leftover alphas. Wow.

Anyway, have a wonderful Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “…And She’s All Mine

  1. Beautiful page!!! I've been trying to put a small embellishments page together for weeks too- this grid format is fantastic!!! LOVE her eyes in that photo and I remember your post about paper crowns form last year's birthday- love how it looks on her!

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