DIY: Nausea Pops

If you’ve experienced it at all, you know morning sickness is the worst! Especially when you just feel like you’re going to throw up instead of actually blowing over. The 1st trimester of this pregnancy was really hard for me (which is thankfully now over and all those symptoms magically disappeared) and I felt sick, It was a long two months.

But these frozen treats really helped me get through the day and actually out of bed in the mornings. Plus if you don’t feel like eating much you’re sure to get at least a serving of 2 of fruit. I won’t disclose how many hours were logged lying on the couch but let’s just say walking out to the backyard now makes me winded. So happy that’s over with!

Here is the recipe to make your own batch.

Nausea Pops
3 cups strawberries, hulled & quartered
2 bananas, sliced
1 cup blueberries
1 cup apple juice
1 cup Greek yogurt, vanilla
2 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp fresh grated ginger

1. Wash and chop fruit and add to blender.
2. Add remaining ingredients to blender and blend on high until smooth.
3. Fresh ginger is more potent and works best but substitute powdered if it’s all you have.
4. Pour into popsicle molds/paper cups with pop sticks or whatever works.
5. Freeze, enjoy and feel better!

Note: They are especially good when delivered to you in bed first thing in the morning 😉


42 thoughts on “DIY: Nausea Pops

  1. I so wish I had these Popsicles when I was pregnant. My in-laws actually drove 2 hours away one time to get me some of those "preggo pops" lollipops and they didn't help at all. I will have to share this with a friend in her 1st trimester. Of course this is going to be her 5th baby, so I would imagine she is a pro at nausea by now! 🙂

  2. @elizabeth – according to mayo clinic, ginger is effective in further reducing chemo related nausea when taken in addition to the prescribed mess. It's says to begin taking ginger 2-3 days before treatment for maximum benefit. If you use fresh grated ginger, these pops should do the trick. Best wishes!

  3. Just to pop in with a few answers:-If you are allergic to or just don't like a fruit, feel free to substitute! The fruits listed here are just some staples we always have on hand.-Ginger is the "magic" ingredient in these popsicles, so if you are allergic, I'm afraid these won't work for you.-Frozen fruit will work, but fresh is healthier and tastiest! Just make sure to clean well!In response to the comments about chemo patients and fresh fruit: After a bit of searching, I read that the chemo treatments weaken the immune system and could make one more susceptible to the bacteria found on fresh fruit. None of the medical sites said to avoid fresh fruit but to take care in washing it thoroughly (you should do this regardless of your health). The advice to not eat fresh fruit was only posted on health message boards – not reputable medical sites. Buying organic and cleaning well (think Emma Pillsbury and her grapes ;)) sounds like the best choice, but if you are still concerned, canned or frozen fruit can be substituted.

  4. Re: chemo patients not being allowed fresh fruit — I have a degree in dietetics and years of hospital experience. SOME chemo patients are told to avoid fresh fruits and vegetables because of a weakened immune system. However, not all chemo patients are that delicate. A doctor will let the patients know if they must follow a neutropenic diet — the technical term for a low-bacteria diet — and if they can't eat fresh fruits, they shouldn't eat fresh ginger or honey, either. Otherwise, these pops should be fine! And someone on a neutropenic diet should be able to use this recipe as a guideline.Thanks for the recipe! I've got a delicate stomach normally and I'm worried that morning sickness will lay me out flat.

  5. My mother was told by her doctor to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies while she was going through chemo. Chemo patients need as much nutrition as they can get because chemo weakens their immune system.

  6. So glad I found this recipe! I am in my first trimester and have been so nauseated. Had one for the first time today and loved it! Taste really good and seemed to help with my nausea!

  7. Cinnamon has almost as many of the stomach soothing agents as ginger, and so does hot red pepper. You can look up 'carminative herbs' and find plenty! Just make sure you aren't going to be allergic to them, you, since they have many of the same chemicals.

  8. Only at a certain point during each chemo treatment should you avoid raw fruits and veggies because of the potential for bacteria.For me it was the beginning of week 3 after treatment because this was the point at which my white blood count was at its lowest and couldn't fight off infections from bacteria from any source.

  9. The only ingredient here that helps for nausea is the ginger…. you can skip all the other stuff if you want. I buy ginger gum from the pharmacy to keep in my purse. It works every time.

  10. Frozen fruit is actually healthier than "fresh." It has been frozen at its most highly developed point of containing nutrients whereas "fresh" fruit has often far surpassed this point

  11. I am an oncology nurse ~ every unit uses somewhat different reccomendations so check with your oncologist regarding fruit, but usually a patient only needs to avoid fruit when they are placed on a low bacteria diet, & that is usually only stressed when a patient is going through a bone marrow transplant (which not every chemo patient goes through) – Again, check with your Dr's policy to be sure, but eating fruit as an oncology patient should not be a problem! ��

  12. I have a lot of problems with nausea and ginger is great for almost any kind I've had! It works by stimulating circulation I believe. Even if you throw some in your bath, it makes you sweat! It is almost a miracle food for me.I always bring candied ginger with me for trips since I get motion sick. It also works for when I've had too much to drink and am nauseated in the morning. It even helped with the nausea I had after switching BC. These pops are a great idea! One more way to enjoy this wonderful food.

  13. Honey is okay as long as it is pasteurized. There are some concerns regarding the use of honey in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Potentially harmful contaminants such as C. botulinum and grayanotoxins can be found in some types of unpasteurized or raw honey and may be harmful to pregnant or breastfeeding woman and to the growing fetus.

  14. Even if I were pregnant again, my husband wouldn't bring one of these to me while I was in bed, he didn't shed a single tear when I miscarried twice or even attend the birth of our daughter.

  15. Incorrect! As stated here before, the bacteria in honey are not killed by the heating(pasturization process).However the high acid content in the human stomach does kill the bacteria! Also grayanotoxins are rarely found at high enough levels to pose any risks and only come from honey containing rhododendron nectar.

  16. I'm very sorry your husband is not as supportive as you need. Sometimes pregnancy really is harder on them than they show, especially when there is a loss. When they see us hurting sometimes they just want us to stop because they don't like to see us is physical or emotional pain. Unfortunately, sometimes that means they withdraw. This doesn't necessarily mean you have a "bad" husband, maybe he just needs a good role model in another man that reaches out instead of pushing away…..

  17. Daughter found only one thing…during delivery nausea the staff gave her "Quease Ease" little thingy to sniff. It smelled like peppetmint and worked. Need your OB to get them in for distribution i think as i cant find online. Maybe peppermint or similar essential oil would work 'next time' ? I'm a grandmavdo wont be asking for them! 🙂

  18. Thank you for posting this! I found the link via pinterest. I'm on baby #2 and between Zofran, sea bands, and preggie pops I'm falling apart in my 12th week. I don't love bananas so I'll sub with mangoes. Can't wait to try them this weekend!

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