Coming in September…

Can I share a secret?!

We are expecting to add another sweet baby to our little family this coming fall! The official due date is September 22nd, but crossing our fingers that he or she comes a little sooner to share a birthday with Tyler.

This ultrasound was taken at 11 weeks and the very first thing the doctor said was, “oh my goodness! I think I can already tell what it is!” But then of course she refused to let me hold her to her assessment because – it’s too early to tell for sure, – everyone would question her credibility if she was wrong, – da da da da da. So we’ll see for sure in a couple months.

So far this pregnancy has been so much different than the first time around.

Far more morning sickness. All day nausea for the last 2 months. Maybe it just seemed worse because I was also incredibly sick with a head/chest cold for a full month. It’s easing up finally but seriously, how did I ever work through this before?

Cravings like crazy. I am so hungry for meats. One day it’s Chinese food, another chili cheese fries, then beef hot dogs last night. Low iron perhaps? My sweet tooth has mostly disappeared and I am choosing vanilla over chocolate at every turn.

The constant anxiety and excitement of what’s going to happen next, how will I ever raise a child and planning out everything that she’ll need, etc. isn’t there at all. Instead I just feel content. Excited, yes, but a quiet excitement.

And my goodness how much quicker I have stretched out! Last time I was nearly 6 months before the maternity pants made their debut but I am nearly ready to wear them now at not quite 3 months. The hair elastic waistband in the button hole won’t cut it for much longer.

So that’s my secret. Thanks for letting me share!


8 thoughts on “Coming in September…

  1. Congratulations!! It's true- the second time around our bodies just don't hold tight for very long! Ha! You look fabulous though!! So excited for you and your little family~

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