December Daily: Day 13-16

Halfway through and still going strong!

Day 13/14 spread. I do love the traditional red and green!

Day 13 A list of Christmas movies we watched this month.

I didn’t take a photo for this day so an improvised list filled in the blanks. The red title is the new Scentz Embossing Powder in Peppermint. Not only is it the perfect shade of red (I love that color for lipstick!) but it also gives my album a subtle seasonal scent. Yum, yum!

A die cut leftover made a nice in between page here with a sticker accent from Imaginisce.

Day 14. Reading in bed

Journaling reads, “One of the best parts of December is everyone snuggling up in bed each night and reading Christmas stories. We checked out lots of books from the library and put them together with ours in a tub in the living room for easy access.”

Day 15/16 spread. I am starting to run low on embellishments at this point!

Day 15. Winterset Wonderland

Journaling reads, “The whole fam picked up some hot chocolate tonight and headed to the city park to view the light displays at Winterset Wonderland. You all oohed and ahhed over the santas, reindeers, snowmen and angels and so we drove through twice. “

Day 16. Hunting for pinecones

Journaling reads, “Patterson park has the best pinecones so we headed there after school today to pick some for holiday decor. The three of you ignored the brisk air and quickly filled the sack as you excitedly discovered each one.”

Gotta run, today is a busy day!


4 thoughts on “December Daily: Day 13-16

  1. OOO love the snowflake window page!!!! I read movie number two as "The Nappy Elf" and my brain went to all kinds of crazed 70's blacksploitation movie places- someone should make it and have an elf with a 4 foot high afro on the cover.Anyhooo… will need to check out that red embossing powder. It really is a beautiful shade and LOVE that photo of you reading to the kids!

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