You Are My Favorite

Daddys and daughters really have a special relationship don’t they? I may be the one who tends to her, dotes on her, and dresses her up in her prettiest things but there is no doubting that daddy is her favorite person.

She listens to him without question or argument, brings him blankets and toys, shares her treats and snuggles with him whenever she gets the chance. She even has a special kiss for him – one cheek, the other cheek and then a hard, mean kiss on the forehead where she squeezes his face and presses her lips in as hard as she can.

I adore the way she adores him. And I suppose I don’t even mind coming in second. 😉


6 thoughts on “You Are My Favorite

  1. Sabrina!! So so so pretty! The colour combo makes me swoon – and I love how you've got more masculine pattern like chevron with feminine girly patterns to reflect the contents of the great photo! x

  2. I agree with all the above- so beautiful!! The photo always calls my attention first and this one is fantastic- I love your bright feminine palette and you mad e this design so fresh with all the patterns you used. My daughter is the same with her Dad- I get jealous sometimes- I want spontaneous hugs and kisses too! By this morning she did say she "missed me" – that was awesome.

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