The Wonder Of You

Hey there. Took a little break for Thanksgiving and am feeling so refreshed. In fact I spent all morning rearranging our bedroom. It drives the hubby crazy cause about every six months exactly, I have to change things up. When I was younger, I usually ended up moving to a new apartment every six months but now I just rearrange. Do you do this too?

Anyway…..the new issue went up Sunday at Paper Issues so if you have any Christmas related crafts that you want to share, be sure to stop by and link up. I hear American Crafts is doing a giveaway or 2 this month 🙂 🙂 Annnnd the PI store is still honoring 20% off all purchases with the coupon code CHAP20 cause Cassie is so awesome like that!

Here is a layout I worked on last weekend. Just a random bunch of instagram pics of my little lady. This page is just about how amazing I think everything she does is and how her dad rolls his eyes everytime I start with, “Oh my gosh, guess what Rora just did?!” But I just can’t help it – I adore everything about her (well maybe not that iron will but it’ll serve her well some day so I at least appreciate it).

After several failed attempts to make my own transperancies by embossing on acrylic, I finally found the magic formula – chalk ink. It’s the only ink (other than super spendy Versamark) that stamps on glossy/coated surfaces and dries without smudging. Hooray! It’s still a bit slippery to stamp on but it works.

I think that’s all for now. hugs!


4 thoughts on “The Wonder Of You

  1. I am just the opposite lol. When I was little my mom would try to move the furniture and I would cry and try to grab her legs. We have lived in the house we live in now for 6 years and the furniture only gets moved if it breaks or to put up the Christmas tree.

  2. LOVE this page!!! OMG I am SO ready to move out of my dark apartment and into something with more windows- I simply CAN"T get candid indoor shots like yours- everything requires ugly flash. LOVELY design o this page- I like the minimal embellishment- the photos are totally outstanding.

  3. ha! I thought it was just me who had a need to rearrange! good to hear it's not ;-). Love your page – the pics are awesome and the arrangement of them with the space at the bottom is just right x x x

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