Craft Room Tour

Happy Friday! Care to take a tour of my little craft space today? I recently did a bit of rearranging and reorganizing and it was actually clean for about 48 hours so I just had to take photos 🙂

This is the entire right side of the room, minus a little under-the-stairs closet that houses our off season clothes just out of view. The room is about 8×8 feet and is the perfect little space.

I find it super handy for the creative process to have everything out in plain sight and within arm’s reach. It can be a little busy this way so I keep it organized by storing different types of product in seperate containers. The more colorful the better.

The desk top where I actually very seldom scrap. Usually there are supplies strewn throughout the entire house and on the floor. My hubby jokes that this is just the room where I store things. I just can’t help but spread out.

This wire shelf is probably my favorite and most handy find. I dug it out of a barn on our property from like 12 feet in the air. It was a feat for sure. Now it houses all my punches, inks and sprays mists sorted out by color. The shelf below holds some more inky goodness as well. All in reach – I love it!!

Across from the scrap table is my sewing table. I usually keep this table clear for cutting fabric and storing in-progress projects. Lots more fabric goodness down below.

And for keeping little hands busy when I’m working, an easel for painting, coloring and our favorite – cutting paper into the teeniest, tiniest little bits. Sometimes they glue them to the paper too. I’m sure they’ll be scrapping before I know it. 🙂

Are you going to see Breaking Dawn this weekend?! Can’t wait!!


3 thoughts on “Craft Room Tour

  1. love seeing you space! The bright colors are fun. And HOW rad is that metal rack!? great find! Are those needlepoints hanging next to it? they are beautiful. xop.s. i spy some milkglass *sigh* my favorite!

  2. OOOO LOVE the wire shelf- that's perfect storage is you ask me. I see you hung up the rainbow page from the spring- that's one of my fave pages from your collection this year. And I LOVE the embroidered panels on each side- those are beautiful. I love looking at people's living spaces- perhaps it's my inner voyeur but it also gives me ideas on how to organize my space!

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