Halloween Costumes – Pretty, Pretty Princess

First Halloween costume finished. Actually make that two. I’ve been sewing like a mad woman this last week trying to get all the kids’ costumes together and only one left and still a full week ahead of me! Phew.

All the kids have stuck with the same idea for what costume they wanted since summertime, which is quite a feat if you ask me. Leah wanted to be a princess, plain and simple, so we went with a pretty, girly version with sort of a Renaissance feel.

I think the hat really makes it. It was so simple to make with just two triangles of felt, a sheer scarf and a bit of ribbon to keep it on her head.

For the dress, I used Simplicity 2463 and 2460 for the sleeves. Had really wanted to add those long flowy sleeves but there just wasn’t enough material in the dress I upcycled.

These sleeves are super cute though. The same one’s I used for her 4th birthday dress.

Also added some trim to the middle section to give the look of a corset. Along the front neckline and sleeves I added some pintucked material from a thrifted silk top. And rather than gathering the skirt along the top, I added pleats.

Ooh and the skirt is my favorite part! It was just cut from the bottom of the thrifted dress so no need for hemming or anything! I turned the vent to the front so there would be a mountain of tulle piling out. There is also a large gathering right in the rear so she has a big booty bump like all the gowns in Cinderella. KWIM?

On the inside, I pinned up sections all around and just stitched a little pinch to give it this look that I’m not really sure is called – drapyness? If there is time, I’d be great to go back in and hand sew little flowers or beads at all the pinches. Am crossing my fingers for that.

And the before of the material. It was a pretty Vera Wang bridesmaids dress that I picked up for $1. Tags still attached. A shame really, I almost hated to cut into it, but it was the perfect shade of pale pink.

Check back tomorrow for a peek at the black Spiderman 🙂


One thought on “Halloween Costumes – Pretty, Pretty Princess

  1. I absolutely love this dress Sabrina! You did a fantastic job. Now that I see it from the front I like it even better than before. She looks like she loves it too! Looks like its her dream come true!

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