Learning Curve – Favorites

Evenin. Since September is just around the corner and little ones all over the country (world? does everyone start school now?) are heading back to school we are linking up projects with a school theme over at Paper Issues. We start preschool tomorrow, so I thought before the kids officially started I would do a little interview to see what their favorite things are at this moment. Will do another page at the end of the year and then we can come back and compare.

First up I asked the twins what their favorite things were, jotted their answers down and had them write their names at the top. Even though they share quite a bit of DNA, their answers were pretty different and it’s fun to see the differences together on the same page.

Also did a page for miss Rora and even though I interviewed all the kids separately, all her answers but 2 were the same as her brother’s. What a goon. She is just the right mix of girly girl and tomboy. Love it.

For both of these pages, I used some brand new Grant Studios and stamped a little with Colorbox Pigment ink in Black and Peony and also the NEW Mix’d Media Inx in Denim, Peridot, Truffle and Cashmere. Yum. You can see all the new colors and products from the summer CHA release on Clearsnap’s newly updated website.

Well that’s all for today. Please link up all your learning related paper projects at Paper Issues and even you have a few extra minutes leave some love too. Cause you know everyone can use a little more love. &#9829


10 thoughts on “Learning Curve – Favorites

  1. Cute pages. I need to really start interviewing my kids. One is going into 8th grade, one is in college and my baby starts preschool mid Sept. It would be fun to go back years from now and read!

  2. Love your layout. Such a fun idea, we talk about these things but we haven't actually listed them. Will do now though, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is a gorgeous layout and you have given me some great inspiration for a mini album!Your blog looks great as always!Lowrihttp://papervinenz.blogspot.com/

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