Streamlining Household Chores – Grocery List


For a while now I’ve wanted to share a few of the things that help our busy household run a little smoother. There are 6 people living here, 3 of them under the age of four and let me tell you, things can get a little choatic. Keeping track of what I need to do around the house can easily get lost in the mix if I don’t keep written reminders and check them daily. Having a plan and streamlining all the little things makes life so much easier and leaves lots more time for what’s really important – having fun!

To begin with, I’m sharing our Master Grocery List. It’s a list of everything we regulary purchase at the local grocery store, not including toiletry items. I print a copy each week and keep it in the kitchen to check off items as they need to be replenished. This ensures nothing is forgotten and I can do a quick check through the list before leaving to shop.

Grocery Master List (download via Scribd)

Of course this is just a starter – I add extras to it each week, and surely there are some things you buy that I don’t and vice versa. Use it and edit it however you wish. Whatever you need to make life a little easier.


2 thoughts on “Streamlining Household Chores – Grocery List

  1. Oh this is a great idea! And it'll be fun to see what your standard items are compared to mine. We go through so much milk, eggs and bread now that it is four of us… and my grocery list is just a scrap piece of paper stuck to the fridge and I am the only one who has to note what has run out. 😛

  2. i'm so not organized! do you have a menu plan that you follow? i've toyed with the idea of one, but i worry everyone will get bored…it is fun to see what your regular grocery list looks like compared to mine, too

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