August Photo Challenge: Week 2

So has anyone else noticed that this is a 30 day challenge but there are 31 days in August? It totally took me two weeks to even notice. Odd numbers are just harder to deal with I guess 🙂 Prompts courtesy of Oh So Lovely.
Day 8: Self Portrait

Day 9: Technology
I would be lost without my gmail account

Day 10: Flower
we didn’t plant any this year, but this little gal is the next best thing

Day 11: What I Wore
two weeks worth in fact

Day 12: What I Ate
who says you can’t have banana splits for dinner

Day 13: Childhood Memory
climbing on the jungle gym never gets old
Day 14: Something New
eyed this cake plate month’s ago, today the hubby surprised me with it


2 thoughts on “August Photo Challenge: Week 2

  1. Really love that photo os you Sabrina! Great photos all- I started this challenge but keep putting it off- at this point I'll be taking photos into September 11th (the prompt is: something fun- ironic) we'll see if I get through it at all- maybe I'll start up next month… 🙂

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