That’s What She Said

So the hubs and I have been arguing that this saying is supposed to be a dirty double entendre but I don’t think that it always has to be. In any case I won’t be giving this birthday card to the little girl I had originally planned to just in case her parents happen to feel the same way. Awkward.

However it will work perfectly for a friend of mine who recently celebrated her 27th and isn’t afraid to be a little risque. Now how about all that pink 😉

Two firsts for me here – one being that gorgeous JBS butterfly stamp that I finally was brave enough to use and second that I embossed for the very first time. Have been avoiding it cause it always seemed like a whole other realm of supplies I’d need to store but must say I am sorry to be jumping on the wagon so late. Gorgeous texture! I’m not sure how I’ll ever stamp again without it!

And that’s all for today folks.


3 thoughts on “That’s What She Said

  1. cute card! I just recently bought myself some embossing supplies too– and the first thing I embossed was a butterfly! Now I'm looking for more and more excuses to emboss stuff, haha 🙂

  2. hey – I came back to this post after checking with my man. apparently, it's a man thing, that's what she said, but I get it now he's explained it 🙂 best to give it to the older girl ;-). Love the embossed butterfly – looks great! x

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