Friendship Blossoms

Well hello there, it’s been awhile. 😉

A couple weeks back, we had a lightning storm that managed to fry everything hooked up to one outlet in the kitchen – namely all the computer equipment. What a desperate feeling to be stuck without internet access for more than a week and lots of deadlines. It seems I rely a little too much on our computer.

However, we are back in business with a new tower, modem and printer. Hoping I can get all our pictures off the old hard drive and am slowly reestablishing all the info, favorites, etc. Such a pain!

In much better news:
– my sister had her baby boy! Can’t wait to meet him this weekend!!
– Rora’s first ballet recital was last weekend and she loved it! Didn’t remember the entire routine of course, but the girls were still so cute in their costumes and makeup!
– Hubby is home for the week!
– I’ve gotten so much done without the distraction of the internet – here’s a look….

This was created using the May Sweet Peach Crop Shop sketch plus their Juicy kit for the same month. Love all the bright colors here. Did you know they are giving away a $25 gift certificate to the shop to the sketch winner? Crossing my fingers!

Keegan just adores wearing temporary tattoos. He got a huge pack of them  for his birthday and this was the last of the batch. They make him look like such a tough guy – that’s important to a boy, right?

Next up are photos from the recital of little miss + her dance friends in their get-ups. Everyone did so well during the show. No one ran off stage, no tears, just fun. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.

And saving the best for last, my fav page created with the kit. Lots of layered flowers to go with the blossoming theme. I love how close the girls have gotten. There was a time when I wasn’t sure they were going to like each other at all. And they still have their moments but mostly they are BFF’s. I hope it always stays that way. Love you girls.

Hope your summer is starting off right! love.


6 thoughts on “Friendship Blossoms

  1. Funny how much time we spend on the net and when we dont have it we have all this productive time! The pics are great. I am considering getting 3 yr old into dancing or gymnastics. Looks like your daughter loves it.Enjoy your sunshine, freezing here!! xoxo

  2. OOO I really like what you did with the pattern paper on the second page! The blue and yellow colors combo on that beige is perfect- great zing without too many distracting tones.The tattoo page is AMAZING! The misting and stitching on that is very inspiring. How I WISH I had taken those Home Ec classes in Junior High- I took wood shop instead. 🙂 I had visions of making my own bookshelves one day.I just got some of those BG blossoms- hope my stuff is as cute as yours.

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