Taking Flight – Sew Convert’s Resort Top

Have you been following along with Grosgrain’s free pattern month? There are so many great patterns/tutorials by some of the top DIY bloggers out there. I have several of the bookmarked for *one day* but had a chance to create The Sew Convert’s Resort Top this weekend. You can get the instructions here. This is my version…

Ideally worn with slim white capris and maybe some brown platform wedges. (Have been forever searching for the perfect white pants.) This is really more loose and flowy than something I would normally wear but it’ll be a perfect cover up for summer evenings and cooler days out on the boat.

Am not sure about the material. It’s a kind of crumpled linen. Very lightweight. The bias trim gives it a small shot of color. This was super easy to make and doesn’t require a pattern. The shape is basically a round table cloth with the neck cut out. You should totally try it out – the hardest/longest part was ironing the bias tape.

It’s cloudy today and the rain has started. Think I’ll go snuggle on the couch with the little ones.

PS. A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by to share congratulations on my big news from Sunday. I am still reeling with excitement! xoxoxo


12 thoughts on “Taking Flight – Sew Convert’s Resort Top

  1. Sabrina, that looks great with the bias tape that adds some color! Very trendy! Awesome job and congratulations on your big news about making the scrapbooking design team!www.seaminglysmitten.blogspot.comJenny

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