Walk – April Crate Sketch

Hello again. We’ve been meeting here so sporadically lately and I’d like to apologize. It’s not that I haven’t been working on anything. It’s been so rainy and murky that no pictures have been taken. I’ve been busy decorating our living room, camping with my hubby who’s working out of town, working on sewing projects, and playing with the May Lucky Girl kit (which is full of glitterly goodness!!).

Anyway, just wanted to share the page I created for the April sketch challenge at the Crate Paper blog. It’s a photo from last fall of my little gal walking down our gravel road in her hot pink track suit. It looks like she’s doin some serious power walking 🙂

I made some ruffles under the pic and topped them with a bow to make this page extra girly. Also punched the edges of the paper with the jumbo circle punch to make it like a die cut paper.

I used mostly Emma’s Shoppe, plus a little bit of Restoration, Brook and some Crate exclusives for SC. All the Crate lines seem to mix together so effortlessly which is amazing to me – I don’t normally like to mix product from the same manufacturer. Must be the ultra luxe texture.

 See you soon…


6 thoughts on “Walk – April Crate Sketch

  1. WOW! The ruffles are a fantastic touch- I agree Crate makes it easy to mix across lines. I'm seeing that circle punch in all my favorite pages lately- I need to bring mine out to play- you ROCKED it on this page!!! I hope you get a Crate feature-0 this page is gorgeous.

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