All That Glitters

It’s can’t believe its been a week since I’ve updated. This chilly, gloomy (and as of this morning – snowy) weather has really put me in a funk that’s proving hard to shake. I’ve been lazy, unmotivated and am having trouble concentrating – blah, blah, blah. Please come back to me warm spring weather!

But enough complaining. Here’s some fun projects featuring glittery goodness that will hopefully lift the spirits:

First, I about died laughing when I heard my step-son muttering underneath his breath, “The singing princesses live in the stinky castle,” while being forced to watch yet another Disney princess movie. Being outnumbered 3 to 1 by girls means that this poor guys vote often gets over-ruled. I guess this statement was his passive-aggressive way of letting us know – hey, this sucks.

I added in lots of pink, glitter and bling to symbolize the world he is stuck living in. The sparkly pink frame is perfect around the face that says “uh, not again!” And finally got a chance to use those princess chipboard die-cuts my daughter insisted on getting.

Oh and I finally found a use for all those clear stamp backings I’ve been saving! You can print on them just like transparency paper! Just make sure to let it dry completely before handling so it doesn’t smudge.

Secondly, here is a wedding cake card I’ve been dying to make using that amazing resist paper from Pink Paislee and some glittery ribbon. The flowers are actual wedding decor flowers, not a scrap supply. And the initials are just random. Will have to switch them out when I actually give this card away.

Hope your day is going well…


10 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. cute cute cute cake card! oh and thank you soooo much for your offer of red gingham curtains – so sweet, really made me smile – but our kitchen window is over 2.5 meters tall so it's unlikely they'll fit 🙂 sending sunny thoughts your way x

  2. Oh so funny. One look at the LO and I was wondering what was all the glitter and girl stuff doing with what looked like a very bored boy photo. And now I know, hahaha!

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