Storytime + Brave Girl

Today was the perfect to day to work on outside projects. So warm in fact, that I wore a tank top to paint the curb dresser we picked up this morning (soon to be a TV stand) and to help my hubby build the pen for the pig we picked up from a friend this evening. That’s right – we have a pet pig! He’s so cute, can’t wait to share pics!

Also wanted to share a couple challenge pages from current and past SC sketches.

First is a sketch taken from April’s page. The design was so cute so I pretty much left it alone. Every Wednesday morning we go to story time at the local library. The kids love hearing stories read by another person and it gives them the chance to interact with some other kids.

I finally used the bookshelf stamp as well as 3 other stamp sets. I tell ya, having my stamps organized in an album rather than shoved away in a box really makes a difference. They actually get used. Also used a colored cardstock which I rarely do with happy results.

The page was made using the current sketch from Waleska. Her page was pretty minimal but I added in a bunch of extras. Also flipped to sketch sideways. This page is about my daughter’s recent trip to the ER with some pics from her playing at the park the next day.

You can’t see well in the picture but she had some exterior damage that I circled to highlight.

Well that’s all for tonight. Am ready to crash.


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