talking bout the birds and the bees…

If today’s gorgeous temps were any indication, spring is just around that corner! Hallelujah! That also means its time to link up your projects featuring birds and bees (and butterflies too) at Paper Issues!!!

I created this little tribute to the season with some of my daughter’s baby pics and the super fun new Crate for SC exclusive papers. So happy and cheerful!

The title was actually supposed to say sunshine one your shoulders rather than on my shoulders but I was in too big a hurry and put stamp to paper too quickly. Oopsie. But it’s from the John Denver song if you didn’t already know. There is a really beautiful children’s book after the song that we love to read.

Oh and the grass! I’ve always wanted to try making some. All those little cuts made my shoulders ache. Scrapbooking can be a hazardous hobby ya know.

So do you have any projects with birds and bees and butterflies? Link em up here.


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