Ah school pictures. The good, the bad and the hilarious. There are a few of each expressions on the faces of my step-daughter’s classmates but they are all adorable. Like my husband who attended a small country school, she will going to school and birthday parties with most of these kids for the next 12 years. Small schools seem to be more close knit – since most graduating classes are fewer than 50 students kids are forced to be friends with or at least learn how to get along with people from all different backgrounds. That’s a comforting feeling.

I created this page using the January sketch at Sweet Peach Crop Shop. The original had two photos but since I wanted to use this class photo I turned the sketch on it’s side and made it work. The photo is so large it’s a little heavy visually but that’s all okay.

These mix and mend papers are so gorgeous but a little hard to use, for me at least. I misted in a couple different areas and added some little bits and buttons here and there. Those JBS rub-on leftovers have been on my desk forever so I scattered the leftover numbers and letters on the page.

I’m definetly no expert at layering but it was fun trying out a new style at least. If anything the page looks like toddler artwork – little bits of this and that pasted all over and random numbers and letters scribbled on the page.

Have a great weekend!


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