Pintuck Anda Dress

I am so excited to finally share this dress with you, regardless of how well the pics turned out! It came together Saturday evening after almost 5 straight hours of sewing and ironing. Phew, but I didn’t even realize til my husband told me it was nearly 11 pm.

The difference between this dress and the original Anda (which can be made during one afternoon’s nap, for anyone who might be interested) is the row of pintucks I added down the front center of the dress. I saw the full length pintucks on a Ferragamo resort 2011 dress and knew I wanted to make something similar, although that was more of a tank dress.

Here is the tutorial used to create the pintucks – you were supposed to make the pintucks before cutting out the pattern piece but I didn’t listen and the shoulders ended up a little funny but nothing that will keep me from wearing it.

The leopard print fabric came from the clearance aisle at Joann’s and was a steal at only $1.50/yard. The green satiny material and white lining came from a garage sale this past summer – a whole bag full for 25 cents.

The lining is in white cotton. I also added pintucks to the front of the lining and an elastic casing on the back. Both the side and shoulders seams were sewn using a french seam. There are no seams showing at all so I think it just may be reversable. Bonus! That is if I ever have the courage to wear a white dress – between the dusty cars and messy little people it wouldn’t be long before that bright white was as spotted as the reverse side!
Both the lining and printed material are too sheer to be worn on there own, but together they give the dress the perfect weight – it almost feels like a designer dress, expensive and well made. But in reality it was really cheap and is, well, decently well made. Definitely the nicest thing I’ve made so far.

So 12 dresses, 1 down and I feel ready to get started on the next one! The pattern and material are ready to go – now if only I can find the time. Can I let you in on a secret? I love sewing at least as much and maybe more than scrapbooking. Working with paper is just so much faster and I like the instant gratification. But taking the time to sew a dress and to have it turn out well is satisfaction that lasts for seasons to come. I hope to be spending a little more time at the sewing machine in the coming months. I hope you’ll join me!!

PS. Check out my Woodland Nymph Anda too.


13 thoughts on “Pintuck Anda Dress

  1. Ok am I stalker? I honestly have been ironing all afternoon and came and refreshed and you had just posted. YAY it is AWESOME! I love the pintucks. Definitely makes it look extra special and designer. You are amazing… ok now send me some of your sewing motivation. :DAnd love how you've styled it too!

  2. wow, this is fantastic!! I love it! great job… you've inspired me to keep up with my goal to sew more for myself this year. can't wait to see what else you make!~nataliep.s. i feel the same way about sewing and scrapbooking! 🙂

  3. Sabrina, I said YES, it looks like designer dress. You should be proud of yourself! The time we took to sew ourself a dress that we love are special moments we will treasure a life long

  4. I have no words. OK, I do: WOOT WOOT! This is INCREDIBLE. Like I said before, the fabric is awesome, and now I know what a bargain it was, it's even more awesome. The pintucks look brilliant – serious talent going on there. And finally, in my opinion it looks a lot BETTER than the expensive ones you used for inspiration. (I'm not the label type.) You have blown me away. 11 more of these? Yes please! (I'll stop now…)

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