No Rhyme or Reason

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so I suppose it’s about time I made a page about my own sweetheart, huh? The title came from the idea that no matter your background, interests, job or political views, when chemistry is there, it’s there sometimes without reason at all. My husband and I have very little in common but for some strange reason, we really like each other 🙂

This page was created using my January Lucky Girl Crafts kit, Forever Love and incorporates a challenge from the Sweet Peach Crop Shop – use multiple alphas on a page. That one’s easy – I almost always do!

Enclosed in the envelope is a little note to my hubby. Since nobody ever uses the Q’s in an alpha set anyway and it won’t be much longer until the kids realize the leftover letters I give them will never be able to spell words, I used them as a little platform for the brads. It feels good to get a little use out of something once thought useless.

Stop back tomorrow, I promise to have the pics of my new dress up, scout’s honor!!


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