27 Things

A new year, a new chapter. A new chance for limitless possibility. I just love the beginning of any new period (a year, a season, a week even) because its the chance for a fresh start, to finally do all those things you always planned to do. So to commence the start of this fresh new year I have put together a list of 27 concrete, cross-offable goals to accomplish in my 27th year of life. Some are far off dreams, others will be easy and most will be achievable with some old-fashioned hard work and focus. Without further adieu, in no particular order:

27 Goals for 2011
#1. Give the blog a facelift.
#2. Sew 12 new dresses, one per month.
#3. Buy a house.
#4. Finish the quilts I started last year and make 1 one for the couch.
#5. Put together an amazing baby shower for my little sister.
#6. Visit Kenyon in Saint Paul.
#7. Create business cards.
#8. Grow a cute bob.
#9. Take a photography class.
#10. Plan a family budget and stick to it.
#11. Sew a couchful of pillows.
#12. Participate in a craft show.
#13. (private, sorry!)
#14. Go on a family vacation.
#15. 3 publications
#16. Build a dollhouse
#17. Plant a garden for sauces and can.
#18. Visit my grandma’s grave.
#19. Make place mats, chair cushions and more napkins for the kitchen table.
#20. See Hank III play.
#21. Wash my face every night (gross, I know but a hard one for me!)
#22. Have my wedding ring sized
#23. Visit a new state park in Iowa
#24. Design or guest design for a scrapbooking kit club.
#25. Exercise regularly and reward myself monthly for sticking with it.
#26. Find a blog sponsor.
#27. Go out with friends at least once a month.

Mostly achievable I think. Do you have a list? If so please leave a link!

Above is my 2011 planner. It’s colorful and fun and brings my joy each time I open it. The goat (that’s me, a capricorn girl) is moving forward, my OLW for this year. But that’s a whole other post. Have a great week!

Supplies: pink doily sticker, Hambly; cardstock goat, Martha Stewart Crafts; cardstock arrow, Cosmo Cricket; number thickers, Amercian Crafts; pearl brad, Kaiserkraft; mixtape, American Crafts; other: leftover fabric, upcycled 2008 planner book


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