Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

No Christmas would be complete without the holiday card display, am I right? Last year I ended up waiting to the last minute – Christmas Eve that is – and sending photos along with our holiday letter via email. Not this year folks, and not because I prepared early by making tons of handmade cards either (although I wish I was one of those people!). Like nearly all of my friends, I will be sending out photo cards.

Since I’ve always had an excellent experience with the quality and speediness of the folks at Shutterfly, they will be getting my business this year. Seriously, compared to other online photo printing services I’ve used, the photos from Shutterfly are the way to go – the images are never pixelated, the color matches the photo on my computer screen, heck, even the envelopes the pics come in are sturdy and made to last.

There are about 700 different styles of Christmas cards to choose from – WOW! I’m really torn between the classic elegance of this card:

and the colorful, retro feel of this card:
They also have stationary cards in 5×5 format – something I’ve never seen before but would really stand out! Also 100+ options here. This design really caught my eye – it reminds me of a vinyl album cover!

And if you’re also looking for last minute gift ideas for grandparents, think how much they would love a 2011 calendar full of photos of their favorite grandchildren! I would get this desktop version for my mom – she loves to show off pics of her grand-daughter to anyone and everyone at work.
Don’t wait til the last minute! Shutterfly is offering free shipping on orders over $50 with the code SHIP50 and have tons of photo gifts on sale.
I’m off to start my Christmas letter…
PS. Go HERE to find out how to score 50 free holiday cards of your own.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

  1. I am tearing my hair out trying to make all my Christmas cards! I may seem calm on my blog, but behind the scenes it's a different matter. Maybe I should just go with Shutterfly…PS already linked to Paper Issues. The name made me smile 🙂

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