DIY: Natural Grass Wreath

 Autumn in nearly over and in just 10 short days we will be digging out the Christmas decor! Can you believe how fast this year went by or was that just for me?! Other than the grass and stick display on the porch from this post, I have completely neglected decorating for Thanksgiving. No worries, because I’m making up for it this week with 4 posts full of thankful projects. Starting with today, I’d like to show you how to make a natural grass wreath with nothing more than some overgrown grass, twine, two hands and your knee.

Step 1: Gather some tall, dead grasses. If you live in a rural area like us, it should be plentiful in the ditches and along the road and if not, this may be the perfect opportunity to get out and take a little nature hike! Dry grass is ideal but if it rained recently (or snowed!) in your area, just hang the grass upside down for a couple days to dry out.

Step 2: Tie the grass together at six inch intervals with some twine. 

Be sure to tie it tightly.

Leave the fuzzy seed tail ends loose.

Step 3: Using your knee, break the grass between the tie-offs along the entire length of the grass stalk. Then go back and break where the ties are. This will make it nice and pliable and easy to shape into a circle.

Step 4: Twist and bend into a wreath shape and secure with more twine. You can make it more circular or more oval if you like.

Step 5: Decorate as you please. I twisted 3 yards of glitterly ribbon around the wreath.

Tied it around the hook with a bow.

Added another bow from this tutorial, cut off the grass seed ends and tucked them in behind the bow.

Punched some paper leafs with Crate Paper’s Chemistry.

Secure with stick pins.

And there you have it folks – a natural grass wreath! I realize these are probably pretty cheap to buy but the best part for me was taking the kids out, finding the perfect grass, cutting and hauling it back up to the house and basically making something pretty from nothing. The kids are proud of it and I am too.


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