k monogram pillow

So I finally made something boy-ish. It was really simple and I kind of feel bad for putting it off because my step-son really likes it. He sleeps with it at night and has told me several times, “I LOVE my new pillow!” I always thought decorative pillows were the kind of thing boys could care less about, just a nuisance making it harder for them to sit down comfortably. Or maybe he’s so happy because it’s finally his turn.

The back and sides are brown corduroy, the gray material was a pre-packaged fat quarter from Joann’s, and the “K” is felt, ironed on with fusible interfacing. I used an applique stitch around the “k” to secure, in orange to match the quilt I will one day finish. (I vow not to let it carry out until next year!) Oh and by the way, the interfacing says not to sew through it, but I had no problems and no gunky needle either. Just wait for the glue to dry.
Have a warm and wonderful weekend!
PS. The giveaway from this post is still open until Sunday night!

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