‘K’ Birthday Pillow

My little niece turned 5 this week and will be celebrating her birthday this coming weekend. She since has enough clothes and toys for 3 or 4 kids, I decided to be the un-fun aunt and get her something educational – a big book of classic fairytales. To go along with it and to make reading a little more fun, I also made her a decorative pillow to go on her bed and to snuggle with.

First I pinned on the letter K and used an applique stitch to attach it. In hindsight, it would have worked better to use fusible interfacing. Then added the patchwork squares and hand quilted around the letter K and the outside of the pillow with embroidery thread. (The blue thread was machine stitched).

It was so fun to make and turned out so cute, I may just make one for every kid I know!


8 thoughts on “‘K’ Birthday Pillow

  1. How did you stitch it with big stitching? It's a beautiful pillow. I'm just learning DIY and would be interested in learning on how to make something like this?

  2. Anonymous – The big stitching was done with 6 embroidery threads and a needle, by hand. I'm sure if you had a sewing machine with embroidery capabilities, it could do it for you.

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