Stay True

This Basic Grey paper is so pretty, I was tempted to hoard it but resisted the urge and used it up at the first strike of inspiration. This photo is from a little nature walk my daughter and I took down our gravel road and is the first really awesome picture (at least I think its awesome) I’ve taken with my new SLR camera, an Olympus E-420. It’s really a junior amateur model but that’s the stage I’m at in this new photo taking hobby. It’s been a lot of fun messing with all the different settings but I still have no idea how to really use it. Maybe in the spring I’ll take a class but for now will settle with checking out the manual and testing, testing, testing.

Back to the paper, there really is so much going on with it that I chose to leave it mostly intact and embellish with a little embroidery to emphasize the design. Also cut around the embroidered section with a craft knife to give an extra bit of dimension. On the right hand side of the page, I used an applique stitch around the edge of the frame and stitched around the left side. Also misted a bit in the corners with Pink Lemonade and Blue Cornflower.

The journaling says “Dear Rora, I hope you’ll try new looks, meet different people and even follow some trends. You will make mistakes but know it’s okay as long as you stay true to you.” This was inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner’s “Be You” layout. I still need to try out that butterfly swarm technique.

4 thoughts on “Stay True

  1. What a beautiful layout!And have fun with your new DSLR! Great picture by the way! It's so fun to learn and play with the new camera and hopefully you have willing models!

  2. I think this is my first time here at your blog…your creations are gorgeous, I love the treatment you gave to the paper and the photo is amazing, I´m really hoping I can get a new DSLR camera for my birthday and take a photography course later…TFS

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