World Cardmaking Day

Saturday, October 2nd was World Cardmaking Day. That was a busy day for us so I didn’t get to participate but did put together some cards for upcoming events yesterday. There were several challenges at Studio Calico this weekend and I participated in 3 of them. This first one is for a friend’s new baby girl and was made for a stamp challenge. I have a ton of stamps, but since they’re acrylic and must be stored out of sunlight I never seem to use them. Out of sight, out of mind. This girl silhouette is one of my very favorites though! I tied some thread around her ponytail to make a bow.

This second card is my favorite of the three. It will go to one of my husband’s friends who will be celebrating his birthday in Afghanistan. There is a seriously funny photo enclosed of an inside joke between them so it ought to give him a good laugh too. It was based on a very clever sketch by Lisa Truesdell. Since he is a hunter, I added a deer and shotgun shell mask for misting.

The final card was made using some leftovers from the Quilting Bee kit and is cute but really simple. It’s funny how creativity waxes and wanes. The first card I like, second one I love, third one is okay and I should have given up there because the fourth one was a total mess (and didn’t even make the cut). How some people go to 12 hour crops in beyond me because my brain is exhausted after 2-3 hours. But that’s okay because today is a new day.


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