DIY: Ruche Inspired Floral Headband

So I was browsing through the Ruche fall lookbook this morning and came across this gorgeous headband by Petit Plume. Of course its already sold out it so I just decided to make to own simple version using a t-shirt, some lace ribbon and a plain headband. Do you want to make one too? Gather some supplies:
You will need:
stretchy knit shirt or other non-fraying material
lace ribbon
a plain cloth headband
2 pearl colored shank buttons
hot glue gun
1. First cut several squares of fabric in various sizes to form the flower petals. I used 7 on the larger flower and 8 on the smaller. Fold the square in half and round it out to make a circle.
2. Stack the circles on top of one another from largest to smallest. Position the button in the center or slightly off-center and sew through to secure. Loop the thread around at least 3 times to make sure the button won’t come loose.
3. Using the hot glue, attach the ribbon to the headband, pleating it as you go. I tried different types of glue including Aleene’s tacky glue and hot glue was the only one that worked.
 4. Try on the headband to find the flower placement and then glue them down too. Make sure the glue is dry beforehand!
5. Wear and enjoy!
This project was so easy and there are so many possible color combinations! Satin or silk would be extra pretty but I just didn’t happen to have any in red around the house. Total time for to make this headband was 35 minutes and that includes picture taking, which you won’t need to do! Give it a try and if you do, be sure to link up – I’d love to see your creations!
 Have a wonderful autumn weekend with your loved ones!

6 thoughts on “DIY: Ruche Inspired Floral Headband

  1. I love this headband… and i love ruche! My favorite projects are quick, easy and cheap. I am starting a linky party that will launch this tuesday for projects that cost less than $10 and take less that 20-30 mins (ish).Would you consider linking this up to my party? I'd be honored!Thanks for considering.

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