Seamstress Thank You’s and a Giveaway

First off, I just have to brag – the hubs let me sleep in until noon today! That never ever happens and I don’t feel one bit guilty. Sometimes all those early mornings followed by late nights really catch up and the body needs a full 12 hours to recharge. And they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing – my complexion hasn’t looked this clear since well, I can’t recall.

In my defense, this past weekend was super productive and I completed all the projects I want to post this week. Starting with this new set of sewing-related thank you cards.

The little banner card on the left is cute but nothing spectacular, I just really wanted to make one using the banner trend before it becomes completely old news. (Although my daughter and husband said this was their favorite.) The thank you on the right was really fun to make with all the colors and the frame. Its really hard for me not to use black as a “grounder” but I think the navy and brown do pretty well in it’s place. You probably can’t tell from the picture, but the dress from is double layered and elevated off the page with dimensional adhesive. Foam sticker centers that would otherwise be thrown away work so well for this!

These cards are my favorite! Red and blue is just a classic color combo that never fails plus the doilies and vintage sewing machine make my heart flutter. They were simple to make but I find them very striking.

In other news, oh golly miss molly I am very excited to say this blog has reached 3000 views! Seriously I appreciate everyone who stops by to check out my creations and to thank you I want to try another giveaway. The prize is this simple but elegant tablecloth and place setting pattern from McCall’s. I bought it before realizing just how much three toddlers can spill in one sitting and now I am passing it on to one of you.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and become a follower of this blog. I’ll post the winner on Friday!


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