Making progress.

We had a pretty fun and busy weekend so it was nice to relax today and get some work done. All of the quilt strips for the boy quilt are together – I just need to so the in- between pieces and border together. I was really kind of surprised and initially disappointed by how in your face ORANGE the solid fabric looks against the patterned but the more I look it at, the more I am starting to like it. The in-between strips are also orange but the border will be brown so hopefully that calms down the brightness a bit. The orange was the only color I could find at Joann that was an exact match to the colors of the quilt. The brown is very close but not close enough that they would look very good side by side. I hope to get the entire front piece finished by next weekend.

On a side note, my girl friend and our three kids spent 8 grueling hours thrift shopping on Saturday – it was well worth it if only for the Van Gogh print I scored for $5 bucks. What do you think of the frame and how do you think it could be better? Gold is a little too aristocratic for my taste.


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