Happy Birthday to my mom!

My mother and I haven’t always had the best relationship but I can happily say today that she is one of my closest friends. And today is her birthday – I won’t reveal her age but can say that she is 21 years older than mwah. She is feisty and mouthy and loves Harley’s and black leather. She has the same hairstyle she did when I was born – the Farrah. I have learned a lot from her mistakes and wouldn’t change a thing about her. Here is her card:

This card was inspired by both Michelle Jacknicke, and Jeanette Almgren, two of the talented Lipstick Girls at XOXO. It’s a scraplifting challenge blog, and the winner this month will receive an awesome Summer Vacation kit from Lucky Girl Crafts. I believe the challenge is open until the 31st so there is still time to enter!

Both of the girls had a great card and since I am terrible at making decisions I chose to combine the two – part dark and edgy, part sweet and feminine – just like mom.


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