and some more…

When I looked through yesterday’s post, it seemed that I had done a lot more than was listed and then it occurred to me that our camera had been deleted somehow. Bummer. But last night I re-photographed the rest of the projects I completed last month. Don’t mind the blurry photos. Here they are…

“Sweet treats of summer” from a layout in CK
“My Mother’s Day”

“Fishing with grandpa”
“Time After Time”, no that is not his serious face, from a SC sketch.
“Easter Morning” also from a SC sketch
Little Letter Needle Book, courtesy of this tutorial from em ay kay ee. Mine are not nearly as cute as hers though.
Little girl’s nightgown made from an old, too short shirt of mine. This requires minimal alterations thanks to some strategic placement of elastic in the neck band.
More dahlia flower headbands using this tutorial. I even made a couple for myself, to help disguise my boyish haircut.
And here is one more headband made from a sequined embellishment that was removed from another too short shirt (I have a long waist I guess). I wish the photo turned out better because the beading on it is truly exquisite. Will definitely be wearing this to see Eclipse on Friday!
And that is really everything I made in June. See you soon!

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